Grand opening Zadar

We officially opened the first Padel Club Dalmatia center in Zadar! The grand opening ceremony was organized as the biggest padel event in Zadar with the desire for everyone to have fun, socialize and get to know each other better.

The main part of the opening was the International Padel Tournament, which was attended by Croatian padel national team members, professional players from Sweden, Hungary and Slovenia, and currently the best professional players in Croatia. In addition to the tournament, we also prepared numerous benefits, discounts and awards, organized a Padel School for Children and made sure that even the youngest had their own corner so that the whole family could have fun and enjoy the rich program. The DJ ensured a great atmosphere at the party, and there was plenty for refreshment and snacks.

The offer of sports in Zadar has become richer for another popular and fast-growing sport. In order for you to have the opportunity to enjoy a real padel experience, from the beginning we tried to make the whole impression, atmosphere and content exactly like that – original. Our main goal is to bring the joy of playing padel closer to the people of Zadar, to build the story of padel in Zadar together, and to enjoy the combination of recreation and fun.

Thank you to everyone for participating, coming and hanging out, having fun, a great tournament and even better matches! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. We congratulate the winners of the International Tournament and look forward to meeting together again!

Thank you once again to the sponsors of the opening: Tourist Hotel Zadar, Boutique Hostel Forum, Decathlon & Babalo Street Food, and to the sponsors of our padel courts: Decathlon & GreenLine – Artificial Grass Center.

Check the gallery bellow and see the whole atmosphere.