Ladies Night – Stobreč

We started with a special program for all our recreational women and padel fans. We organized the first Ladies Night – a real event for women’s mind, spirit and body and stress relief with real fun with friends!

The idea is to gather friends and spend an evening with fun and recreation! Our ladies learned the basics of padel with professional instructions and advices from our padel coach, played a few matches, and later we hang out over with drinks and snacks.

If you think that Ladies Night with padel is not for you, we will prove the opposite! :)
Padel is a sport that can be played by everyone, regardless of your physical fitness. It is a sport of agility, fast and variable play and exercises almost all muscle groups. It is an ideal choice for recreation because due to the dynamism of the game itself, you will be constantly on the move, improve your fitness, have great fun, and at the same time burn a large number of calories. The rules are simple, so you won’t need much time to start enjoying the game and having fun.

Scroll trought the gallery bellow and see how it went.

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